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Hello you, with the great taste – looking for a delicious and rewarding experience crafting your own premium quality wines? Join VineCoTM as we source ingredients from the world’s best wine growing regions for our unique selection of the highest quality craft wine kits.

Working closely with suppliers around the world, we’re simply meticulous. Selecting only the finest grape juices and concentrates, we combine the most premium ingredients, our unique process and a pure love of the craft to deliver the very best winemaking kits around.

Your great taste and our premium winemaking kits. Now that’s a match made in wine heaven.

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Niagara Mist

Limited Release- Blueberry Lemon

Bursting with flavours of sweet wild blueberry and tart lemon. This blend is sure to be favourite either on its own or mixed into a wine cocktail.

  • Sweetness Sweet
  • Oak None
  • Body Light
  • Alcohol 6.0%
Niagara Mist

Limited Release- Mango Passion Fruit

Sweet ripe mango is balanced by tart passion fruit in this juicy blend. This wine will bring the tropics to your glass!


  • Sweetness Sweet
  • Oak None
  • Body Light
  • Alcohol 6.0%
VineCo™ Global Passport Series

Barbera, Piedmont Italy (with Grape Skins)

RELEASE DATE: March 2021


This 100% Barbera shows classic regional character. Aromas of ripe cherry, raspberry and strawberry are followed by hints of pepper and savoury spice. Flavours of blackberry and sour cherry lead to subtle notes of almond and caramel. A juicy mouthfeel is complimented by soft rich tannins, giving this wine balance and poise.


Piedmont is in North Western Italy at the foothills of the Alps sharing borders with France and Switzerland. There are two key factors that impact the climate in Piedmont, the cool Alps and the balmy Mediterranean. These two factors create extreme day and night temperature differences known as diurnal range. Cold nights, foggy mornings and sun kissed days make for excellent grape growing conditions. The Barbera vines are often planted on the warmer south facing slopes to help ensure optimal ripeness. 


  • Braised lamb ragu over creamy Parmesan polenta
  • Wild mushroom and truffle agnolotti
  • Grana Padano or Parmesan Reggiano
  • Sweetness Dry
  • Oak Heavy
  • Body Full
  • Alcohol 14%
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